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Is There a Cure for Dyslexia?

February 8th, 2016 by JCOS Admin

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that occurs at birth. It is important to note that dyslexia does not affect a person’s intelligence; it just creates problems for the person when learning essential developmental skills, like reading and writing. There is no way to prevent dyslexia, nor is there a cure for this affliction. However, there are effective treatments, and other methods to help those affected with dyslexia overcome the learning difficulties presented by this disorder.

For instance, there are schools for children with dyslexia which have modified how they instruct and teach students. Rather than focusing on one specific learning technique or method, these schools focus on developing specialized learning techniques for each individual student. In addition, teachers work with parents to help them utilize the same techniques and methods at home.

Parents need to understand their child can still learn and do well in school, although their child often requires different teaching methods in place of traditional educational models. Some students with dyslexia learn better using one of, or a combination of, three specific techniques: kinesthetic, auditory, or visual.

Kinesthetic learning involves hands-on instruction and allows the student to do something with their hands while learning the materials. Auditory learning is using sounds, such as phonetics, to help students. Visual learning is presenting the material in visual format through the use of pictures and videos.


Can Medications Be Used to Treat Dyslexia?

There are no medications to treat children and adults with dyslexia. When someone has dyslexia, their brain interprets information in a different manner, compared to someone without dyslexia. As a result, the person with dyslexia has to learn the information differently using one or more of the method described above.

How Is Someone Diagnosed with Dyslexia?

There are specific tests used to determine whether someone has dyslexia. These tests are standardized, with detailed questions focusing on all aspects of reading to help better pinpoint where the person is struggling with learning. Further, the tests help identify which learning methods could potentially be the most effective for helping them learn and overcome the challenges created by dyslexia.

How to Help Children Be Successful at School

If your child has been tested and diagnosed with dyslexia, it is important to work with your child’s school and teachers. There are effective methods and other accommodations that schools and teachers can provide to help them be successful, using multisensory instruction to help strengthen word associations and improve learning.

As a parent, if you do not feel the school or teachers are fully accommodating your child, you may want to consider searching for schools for children with learning difficulties in your area, like the John Cardinal O’Connor School in Irvington, NY. For more information about our multisensory instruction methods used to teach students with dyslexia, please feel free to contact us today at 914-591-9330 and request a tour of our school.

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