John Cardinal O’Connor School

16 North Broadway 10533 Irvington, NY
Phone: 914-591-9330
JCOS Student and Teacher

8th Grade Curriculum


There is a lot of excitement ahead of us as we prepare our students for Catholic high school. This is a year, which will be full of important transitions, including the implementation of the Common Core.


Areas of study include: the Bible and everyday life, traditions and values of the Catholic Church and Catholic identity.


Areas of study include: QAR, decoding, vocabulary and listening skills. All reading instruction will be delivered at your child’s individual reading level. *The first three months of school is also dedicated to test preparation for the IAs and TACHS exam.


Areas of study include: utilizing Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills to improve the linguistic complexity of student’s sentences as well as to improve the organization of student’s compositions.


Units of study include: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, pre-algebra and geometry.


Units of study include: Introduction to the scientific method to investigate the Earth’s structure and movement, cells, heredity, ecology and the environment.


Areas of study include:  primary sources including maps, charts and graphs, industrial development and the Immigration Experience, World War I and World War II Postwar era.


Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Your child must do his/her homework every night. Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances which preclude your child from completing their homework.


  • Students will be given advance notice for a quiz (* with the exception of a pop quiz) or test, and two weeks notice for all projects.
  • Over the course of the year, we will be completing several in-school projects, which will often be done as cooperative group projects. For projects to be completed at home, we will provide an outline of the project requirements. We encourage you to work with your children, but please do not do the projects for them.


  • When your child is absent, a parent must notify the school the morning of the absence by 9:00 am.
  • Every student is expected to make up missed work when they are late or absent from school and each child has one full day for every day they were absent to make up missed work.