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JCOS Student and Teacher

7th Grade Curriculum


The seventh grade curriculum is demanding as we begin to prepare for the rigors of high school. Students work to become more independent with their school work and to develop increased stamina in all subject areas.


Areas of study include: traditions and values of the Catholic Church and Catholic identity focusing on the full revelation of God through Jesus Christ. Our religious studies will also focus on the faith we use to make responsible choices and live out our lives within a community of faith and trust in one another.


Areas of study include the Question-Answer Relationship (QAR), strategy, comprehension, vocabulary development, decoding strategies and listening skills. We will be using a “Reading Workshop” in which we utilize direct, whole group and small, guided reading group instruction. Students are grouped according to their individual learning styles and reading levels.


Utilizing Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills, students are taught expository writing skills with a focus on categorization, organization of ideas and the development of strong language skills. Students will write a variety of connected text including narratives, response to literature, research papers, news article summaries, persuasive letters and poetry.


Units of study include: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, pre-algebra and geometry.


Units of study include: the nature of science, human body systems, the interdependence of life, earth science and movement, and introduction of chemistry.


The Social Studies curriculum begins with the foundations of geography and advances to American History beginning with the onset of the Revolutionary War and continuing to the conclusion of the Civil War.


Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights. Weekend assignments, if given, will be designed for reinforcement or completion of long-term projects.  Students are responsible for making up missed homework and are given the independence to choose when they will make it up.  Parents will be contacted when a student repeatedly misses homework assignments.


Advance notice will always be given for tests and quizzes.  Students will have at least three days notice for a quiz or test, and two weeks notice for all projects.  Because we will frequently review and utilize reading assignments in class, students will need to stay up to date with their classwork and homework.


When your child is absent, a parent must notify the school the morning of the absence by 9:00 am.  If your child is late, or leaves early and misses lessons, work they missed will be reviewed and may be assigned for homework.