John Cardinal O’Connor School

16 North Broadway 10533 Irvington, NY
Phone: 914-591-9330
JCOS Student and Teacher

4th Grade Curriculum


Areas of study include:  the Ten Commandments, traditions of the Catholic Church, the values of Faith, Hope and Love, and character education. Students will also participate in community service programs sponsored by the school.


Areas of study include: Preventing Academic Failure (PAF), an Orton-Gillingham Methodology that explicitly and sequentially teaches phonics and word analysis is utilized. It integrates reading, spelling and phonics using a multisensory instructional approach.


Areas of study include: Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills, a language-based program that starts basic and builds on prior lessons is utilized. It provides a developmental sequence of goals for constructing sentences, paragraphs and compositions.


Units of study include: place value, adding and subtracting with and without regrouping, rounding numbers, money, time, multiplication with  and without regrouping, fractions, division with and without  remainders and  problem solving.


Units of study include: properties of water, interaction of air, water, and land, animals and plants in their environment, and magnetism and electricity.


Areas of study include:  New York State climate, landforms and the Hudson River, Native American Indians, colonial times, American Revolution/A New Nation.


  • Homework is assigned Monday – Thursday.
  • Homework, agenda and student “Take Home Folders” should checked by parents nightly.
  • Reading Log is assigned each day including weekends. Parent signature is required after each assignment is finished.


When your child is absent, a parent must notify the school the morning of the absence by 9:00 am.