John Cardinal O’Connor School

16 North Broadway 10533 Irvington, NY
Phone: 914-591-9330
JCOS Student and Teacher

2nd & 3rd Grade Curriculum



The message of Jesus Christ’s teachings will be integrated throughout all the subject areas. We will focus on the Sacraments, traditions of the Catholic Church, and the values of Faith, Hope, and Love. Our students will also participate in community service programs sponsored by the school.


We use the PAF Program with many of our students. PAF is a multi-sensory approach that explicitly teaches phonics and spelling patterns. Students learn skills in a structured, sequential way and learn to read from controlled readers. Emphasis is on decoding, accuracy and fluency, comprehension, and summarization of written text.


Through the use of Dr. Judith Hochman’s Teaching Basic Writing Skills Program students develop expository-writing skills. Children are given explicit, systematic instruction in sentence and paragraph writing. Students are taught how to organize their thoughts in order to become effective writers.


Topics studied include: Number Sense, Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Problem Solving, Money, Time, Fractions, and an introduction to multiplication and division.


Units of study include: The Sun and Earth (daytime and nighttime and the seasons), Matter, Energy, and Animal and Plant cycle and adaptation.


Students are exposed to the following topics: Geography and Map Skills, Communities—including rural, urban, and suburban, Economics—needs, wants, goods, services, consumers, and producers, and Our Government and national symbols.


  • Homework is assigned Monday – Thursday
  • Assignments should take approximately 30 minutes.