John Cardinal O’Connor School

16 North Broadway 10533 Irvington, NY
Phone: 914-591-9330

Parent Testimonials

A number of local parents who searched for a school for special needs in the Irvington area to accommodate their children found what they were looking for at JCOS. Some of these parents have generously provided testimonials in praise of John Cardinal O’Connor School, and these are posted below. We are always interested in hearing from parents whose children attend our special needs private school.


“What made John Cardinal O’Connor School different from the other schools was that it was very approachable.” view here
– Mrs. M., Parent of a seventh grader


“… Just being in a classroom where you are the same as everybody. You’re no longer ‘that child’ in the classroom. You’re the same. That changes everything.” view here
– Mrs. A., Parent of a seventh grader


“I’m not Catholic. In fact, I was reluctant to send my child to a Catholic school. I just find that here they look at the whole child.” view here
– Mrs. B., a Parent of a sixth grader 


“The school is so successful because they really care about the individual child and they will do whatever they need to do to get those children where they need to be in life.” View here
– Mr. and Mrs. A., Parents of a fifth grader


“This school is a great place to send your child if you’re afraid that he or she is falling through the cracks in regular schools. If they need a little special attention to get them through hard times, this school will do that for them.” view here
– Mr. C., Parent of a fourth grader


“John Cardinal O’Connor School is a tremendously successful environment for learning because the students have clear boundaries. The programs are designed for the particular IEPs, they get their individual needs met and they foster self-esteem; they help the children feel successful.”
– Mrs. M., Parent of a fourth grader