John Cardinal O’Connor School

16 North Broadway 10533 Irvington, NY
Phone: 914-591-9330
JCOS Students
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the deadline for admissions to JCOS?

Students should be registered at JCOS before the June 1st deadline in order to receive their mandated related services through the district of location, Irvington Union Free School District.


2. What is the difference between an IESP and an IEP? Who issues an IESP?

Individualized Education Services Plan (IESP) –Document that requires the public school district where the nonpublic school is located (DOL) to provide students with disabilities enrolled in nonpublic elementary and secondary schools by their parents with special education services.


Individualized Education Plan (IEP) – Document for free appropriate public education (FAPE). The committee on special education (CSE) of the district of location must develop an IESP for students with disabilities who are NYS residents and who are enrolled by their parents in nonpublic elementary or secondary schools located in the geographic boundaries of the public school. The Irvington Union Free School District is responsible for developing the IESP for students attending JCOS.


3. What type of training do JCOS teachers have?

Students at JCOS are taught by special education teachers who utilize multisensory teaching techniques. Most JCOS teachers are certified in special education and trained in Preventing Academic Failure (PAF), Judith Hochman Basic Writing Skills and Orton-Gillingham Methodology. As new special education teachers join our team, they are put on the path to completing their special education certification. This policy has made JCOS the choice for many parents who need a private special ed high school for residents of Irvington and surrounding vicinities.


4. Can the students receive religious instruction here?

Catholic religious instruction and values are taught daily and infused in all subjects. Preparation for Sacraments is done in Grade 2 (First Communion) & Grade 8 (Confirmation), and students participate in First Friday Mass as Altar Servers, Gospel Readers, Lectors, and Gift Bearers. JCOS welcomes children of all faiths.


5. Does JCOS accept students from Connecticut?

Yes, JCOS accepts students from out of state. NYS residents who are enrolled by their parents in a nonpublic school receive an IESP; out-of-state residents who are enrolled by their parents in a nonpublic school receive a Student Assistance Plan through the Archdiocese (SAP).


6. If my child doesn’t qualify for IEP/IESP, is there an alternative for transportation or are parents responsible for transportation?

Transportation policy is specific to the District of Residence.


7. What is JCOS’ drop off/ pick-up time?

Drop off is 8:00am; Pick up is 2:30pm.


8. Do the Irvington Service Providers come into the school?

Yes, all related services are provided at JCOS.


9. Do JCOS students transition well to high school and succeed?

Yes. JCOS students and parents often come back to visit and relate their success stories from high school and college. Families convey that the strategies and skills taught at JCOS helped their children succeed in high school and beyond.


10. Do you prepare students for the TACHS exam? How do students perform on the TACHS?

Preparation for the TACHS begins at the end of 7th grade and continues until the administration of the TACHS exam in November of Grade 8. Students with disabilities who have documentation for extended time are given time and a half for the TACHS exam. TACHS results are individual in nature.


11. Do you have any county referrals of high schools?

The majority of our students matriculate into Catholic High Schools. Our students have gone on to St. Barnabas, Sacred Heart, Maria Regina, Cardinal Hayes, Stepinac, Cardinal Spellman, Salesian, Iona Prep, Fordham Prep, Kennedy Catholic and Our Lady of Lourdes, to name a few.


12. What parish is JCOS affiliated with?

JCOS is affiliated with Immaculate Conception Church.


13. Are there general education students enrolled in JCOS?



14. Since you teach Common Core curriculum, do kids take the ELA exams?

Common Core State Standards are aligned with Archdiocesan guidelines based on each student’s individual academic goals while using multisensory instruction. Students take the Iowa Assessment but do not take the New York State exams.


15. What are the class sizes? What is the percentage of boys/girls?

Classes are small to ensure individual attention and instruction. Gender breakdowns vary by grade.


16. Does JCOS have a resource room?

JCOS does not utilize a resource room.  Each class is instructed by a special education teacher and specific strategies and curriculum are implemented all day long.


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