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Other Health Impairments (OHI) Case Study #5 – “Jason”

Jason, a 6th grader referred to JCOS by his psychologist due to concerns about his inattention and academic frustration leading to classroom failure, poor self-image and behavioral difficulties which began in the 3rd grade. Jason and his family struggled between his academic ability and his poor classroom performance leading to a decline of emotions and behaviors that interfered with everyday functioning in school, at home and with his peer groups.

JCOS response:
Multisensory instruction allowed for more hands-on and visually supported lessons increasing focus in the classroom. The small teacher to student ratio gave the student more support, both academically and emotionally, to gain a confidence base and begin his self-advocacy. The physical education teacher worked one-to-one with Jason giving him the skills to be a team leader and a role model. This reinforcement in his area of strength gave Jason a positive self image which generalized into the classroom and with his peers. Daily, intensive instruction for:

  • Reading, using a mosaic of reading approaches including Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) and Question-Answer Relationship (QAR) methods.
  • Writing, based on research-supported Judith Hochman’s Basic Writing Skills for struggling writers.

Jason earned academic honors and played in the band at JCOS. He now attends a Catholic high school where he remains an honor roll student and actively participates in school sports.

These case studies do not represent actual students, parents or faculty members. They are composites based on persons and learned experiences from JCOS. Any resemblance to real persons, past or present, is purely coincidental.